Network Browser

Network Browser 1.0

File explorer with special network capabilities

he Network Browser is a full featured network browsing and diagnostic tool with user friendly interface designed to be similar to a desktop version of the file browser. Now you can easily access your corporate network or play MP3 files stored on your desktop's hard drive.

Main Features:

  • Powerful file management functionality
  • Files association assignment
  • Displays the network layout the same way as on a desktop OS
  • Instant access to shared files without mapping drives
  • Instant access to remote desktops via the Terminal Server Client
  • Allows to map and disconnect network drives
  • Displays WiFi network connection status and available networks
  • Print plain text files on network printers
  • Network configuration tools and tweaks
  • Enables "Network" folder for the permanent drive mapping
  • Edit "hosts" list to resolve network names
  • Ping and Trace route TCP/IP tools
  • Wake up on LAN function to power up computers remotely
  • Supports landscape mode for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5

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Network Browser


Network Browser 1.0

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